• Come Alone.
    Stay Together.

Share A Room is about bringing travelers together.

ShareARoom is a social platform that introduces like-minded individuals traveling
to the same destination and enables them to spend a few days of joy with a total like-minded roommate.

We’re currently in beta testing and we’d love your feedback on the limited release version.

Want to be a first mover?

Familiarity in the Unknown

Chat, connect and be rewarded with a few days of joy in the company of a total stranger – at half the price you would have paid all by yourself!

Backpack in Style

Backpacking is no longer just for the daring few who look to hitch rides from place to place. With a burgeoning sharing economy, there are ways to travel king size on a tight budget.

Escape the Mundane

Doesn’t matter if you’re visiting on business, you still have to catch the local sights. And who better to truly experience the local flavor than with your travel buddy?

Pay Less for More

Amenities are the lifeline of today’s travel world making for exciting stay-cations. While you can find free WiFi and hot water in most places, hotels and service apartments offer you an extra cloak of privacy making them enticing.

Intuitive and Safe

A simple 4-step process will lead you straight to travel heaven.

Sign Up

All you need is a Facebook account and we’ll upload all your information (with your permission, obviously). And don’t worry, we won’t share your information with anyone else.

Travel Dates

When you’re ready to travel, just enter your travel dates and wait for a potential match. You could be chatting with your travel soul-mate in under 5 minutes!


Once you sign up, we’ll go through a 4-step verification process that will validate your identity and then you’re all set! This will also help us find your perfect travel buddy.

Chat & Confirm

Chat with your match in the integrated application. If you get along great, use the booking option to reserve your room immediately.

Sneak Peek

Here’s a look at how the app is going to take you through the process.