Would you rather be on the beach, go for a hike, be in a library, go cliff diving, or hang out in a local cafe? What answer you give says a lot about the personality you have as a traveler. You probably fall within one of these categories of travelers:

The Curious Traveler
You are not the average traveler; you want to blaze your own trail and take in every ounce that your cultural trip has available to you. Instead of sticking to the tried and true tourist traps, you ask for recommendations from the locals and make your way through your destination always trying to find something that may have escaped everyone else. Sunsets, the beach, local music, and whatever else that allows you to experience the little details of life are your calling cards.

Recommended Destinations:
Bora-Bora, Ibiza off the Spanish coast, Antigua & Barbuda.

The Romantic

You dream of starry nights amidst the rolling hills, drinking wine in Italy and long strolls through the streets of Paris. Travel, romance, and spontaneity are your great desires and only the best of the best can fulfill them. A travelling romantic like yourself wants to experience everything through every sense, much like the grand Romantic poets of the nineteenth century. As such, you aim for great cuisine, great music, great textures, and great visions.

Recommended Destinations:
Paris, France – Chassignolles, France – Granada, Spain

The Digital Nomad/Expat

You are not satisfied living the nine to five, you want to live your life on your terms and make your business run from your laptop. Small bistros, creative and open office spaces, niche coffee shops, and cafés are your locales of choice. The smell of freshly ground coffee, the chatter of the locals, and the energy of other entrepreneurs working on their business, drives, motivates, and inspires you.

Recommended Destinations:
Prague, Czech Republic – Madrid, Spain – Ho Chi Minh City ,Vietnam

The Intellectual

Intellectual travelers can be always found in libraries, museums, and archeological exhibits, studying the history of the culture and city. The thought of learning new cultures and experiences is what drives you to travel. When you are traveling, you are focused on learning and growing as a person. You have a full itinerary of what you want to visit, where you want to go, and what you want to do.

Recommended Destinations:
Egypt, Rome, Greece, Paris

The Free Spirit

The free spirit has no plan; they will book a ticket to a new location, and figure it out as the journey moves alone. Perhaps the free spirit is the most interesting on the list, as you are not limited to simply experiencing, simply learning, or simply taking in the culture. The favorite activities of the free spirit consists of a little bit of everything that is shared by the curious traveler, the digital nomad, the intellectual, and the romantic – you live in the moment and love to experience everything the moment has to offer you.

Recommended Destination:
Ibiza, Spain – Rio De Janiero, Brazil – Bangkok, Thailand.

Knowing your traveling personality will help you to pick destinations that fit your personality type, and what you are into while you’re there. So whether you are more comfortable being in a library in Vienna, or you would be more comfortable sipping Muy Thais in Ibiza, there is a travel destination for everyone.

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